Seven Sins Lyrics by Ren is latest English song voiced by him, its music is given by Ren. Brand new lyrics of Seven Sins song is written by Ren.

Seven Sins Song Detail
Song – Seven Sins
Singer(s) – Ren
Musician(s) – Ren
Lyricist(s) – Ren

Seven Sins Lyrics

S’al y’chil v’nathra w’en
Be d’or o’v’n w’en
Mai v’n’esk’n teym l’on hen
A’ma y’chor w’rk o’v’ren

I lay broken on the kitchen floor
I clawed at the laminate
Pain wandered my body
An uninvited guest
Bones of a home where the devil could rest
I cursed the gods cursed my messiah cursed my maker
I cursed all of creation
Where I lay feeble and thin sick boy sick boy suffer my sin
Have you ever felt pain?
Stomach wrenching unrelenting
Tell me have you ever felt pain?
Condescending muscles clenching tell me have you ever felt pain?
A rose emerges from the pavement cracked

I’ll write my eulogy with broken glass
Eternal parallax

Pain the author I accept this
Pain the teacher bruised apprentice
Pain resists pain will come
Pain the mother I’m the son
Pain that splits you and two when it hits you
The dark and the light all converge to one
Pain that twists you the heavens dismiss you
The father the ghost and the holy son

Body bags body bags body bagging me
Zip it up quick if things don’t be
I search for peace in the belly of a beast
Sick boy sick boy onomatopoeia
Running up a fever following a leader

Wanna be me huh? grasses and greener
Bright lights seizure dynamite dealer
Dine at the table of the coroner e-top fu*k
Thirteen years and I’ve been feeling so stark
Lucky number thirteen just my luck
Empires tumble rumble and dust
The universe shrinks and the planets come bust
In god we trust god tied a noose to his neck and he walked to the edge and he jumped
Angels wept I bear witness watching the whole thing unfold from my bed
A bed where I never deep rest
A bed where I’m always depressed
A bed with a human old crest
A bed for a tomb where I slept
A bed in the room that’s a womb for this mess
Sick boy bitten by a tick boy
Tell me how it feels to be buried while you breathe stones and sticks boy
Pain is a gift boy
Hard to make you stand when you crawl on your knees and I kneel

I kneel at the altar of my own disease and I beg
I beg the sky for mercy mercy never came
I dip me dirty 33 and hurting
Cursing jesus died at 33 and stole my sins
A lurking gears returning
Future stays uncertain surgeon incision
Murder ambition fear of the unknown preserves a religion
Dean asked the gods when my body went missing
Back then the pain spray ricocheted like a mac-10
Hot lead hit the bed that was trapped in
Red wings seraphim out of god’s grace
Cried tears from heaven like clapton
Stick pins in the voodoo hendrick
Stick skin stay humble kendrick
Stay scared protect the biometrics
Blood stained crime scene forensic

Lights on lights out fade into the background
So down so down running from the silhouette of self-doubt
Bye now bye now
Really should’ve figured this shit out
Lights on lights out (Smackdown)

Let it be let it be quote john lennon
Click-clack john got shot for attention
What does that tell you about the good of intentions?
Bitterness formed in a storm of aggression
Prophets get dropped [?]
Six six followed by six seven seven
Build them praise them bury them dead

I was born to be half a man with half a chance
My heart is in half half righteous half is damned
Half a gram heart goes troubles end
Thoughts stay darker than uruk-hai master plan
Sharper than glass jars splinter and
Sinner man sinner man irony could kill a man
He makes money when the music lands expand pay me my g’s rain down parmesan

Followed by seven seven whole sins for a self-made armageddon
Sin one pride pride makes a man kill a man forbid ego to survive
Sin two lost lost makes the grass look greener crucifies trust
Sin three gluttony humans consume and consume planet earth gets a frontal lobotomy
Four sloth rinse and repeat reruns repeat time lost
Sin five envy that’s when one man’s win is another man’s frenzy
Sin six wrath rage vengeance killers psychopaths
Sin seven greed greed plants a seed that will destroy us all if we succumb to greed
If we take both we need and take more than we need [?]

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