Old Phone Lyrics by Noodah05 is latest English song voiced by him, its music is given by Dre 2x, DB (Producer). Brand new lyrics of Old Phone song is written by Noodah05, Dre 2x, DB (Producer).

Old Phone Song Detail
Song – Old Phone
Singer(s) – Noodah05
Musician(s) – Dre 2x, DB (Producer)
Lyricist(s) – Noodah05, Dre 2x, DB (Producer)

Old Phone Lyrics

Cups of the rosé
B!tches in my old phone
Wonder who I’ll call on
And then

I keep telling myself to breathe
Know we pray when we in these streets
You know they say death come in three
I care ’bout everyone but me yeah (Dre tell ’em)
ain’t bought that watch can’t have time yet (Uh-uh)
Don’t trade your soul for that deal I will not sign that (Uh-uh)
I ain’t fu*k her on the first date we bonding (Yeah we bonding)
I’m going ghost when I get up in your tummy (This power)
Pockets get right back to zero ain’t nobody that I call on
My youngins come and murder you who it’s gon’ fall on? (Me)
Plug come and send a hundred know it’s all gone (P)
I ain’t talk to you in a minute know it’s all love (Yeah)
Said you didn’t mean it and I bet you didn’t (Oh no)

Now I gotta deal with you with no feelings involved (Oh no)
Figured you had moved on you wouldn’t answer the phone (Hello?)
Know the streets fu*k you mentally
My success ain’t came yet you know it’s meant for me
She know that I knew how pain felt before our feelings end
Brand new chopper put ’em on skates just like we ballare
Slim pretty b!tch with no body call her coi leray (Pretty)
Cups of the rosé (Yeah)
B!tches in my old phone (Yeah)
Wonder who I’ll call on
When I realize who is all wrong
Fu*k that n!gga don’t you tell him ’bout (Yeah)
None of the business we got don’t you run your mouth (Be quiet)
I can’t save myself if I don’t bring them with me (Nah)
Just tryna make a killing without making a killing (You feel me?)
Come around me real don’t want nobody faking with me (Nah)
Can’t change overnight know this shit might take a minute (Yeah)
Lord knows I’m doing what I can

Keep my head strong then I’m trying not to crash (Nah)
I still don’t trust nobody my b!tch don’t know where my stash at (Nah)
Can’t blame my failure on nobody who wouldn’t be mad at me (No one)

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