Iludida Lyrics by Bivolt is latest Portuguese song voiced by him, its music is given by NAVE Beatz. Brand new lyrics of Iludida song is written by Bivolt.

Iludida Song Detail
Song Deluded
Singer(s) Bivolt
Musician(s) SHIP Beatz
Lyricist(s) Bivolt

Iluded – Bivolt Video

Iludida Lyrics

Men who love me
Men who love me
Speak quietly in my room
Say it’s just for me
I love being deceived, wow

I lost myself in your words
In your body I found the right
I like the effect
I like your kiss
I said if I wasn’t going to say anything
Say it to you first, uhum
Cancela the whole world
Just to kill the desire
I’ll see all this tomorrow
I feel you ntrо
So elongated and Dense
I forget to be sane Face like a сadelo, it’s worth nothing That’s how I like it, bud Vish, take this vision He caresses and gives a lot of things A lot of really heavy things They made me suffer Рor Рor іѕ today I’m armored And I’m ready to fuck I don’t pretend that I enjoy Cavаlgо, I reach I dance on top of this room

Juggling, I can’t believe it
, I want more
It just grows in my mouth
And brings the climate up there
All wet
Adrenaline This is your last chance, ãn Take advantage and get everything for yourself If you don’t deliver then, why promise me? If you don’t do it, then why promise me? If you don’t do it, why promise me?

I love being deceived

Mind that loves me
Mind that loves me
Speaks very softly in my bed
Says it’s just for me
I love being deceived, wow

Lie that you love me
Lie that you love me
Speak very softly to my lover
Say that it’s just for me
I love being deceived, wow

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