Get Lucki Lyrics by Veeze is latest English song voiced by him, its music is given by Veeze. Brand new lyrics of Get Lucki song is written by Veeze.

Get Lucki Song Detail
Song – Get Lucki
Singer(s) – Veeze
Musician(s) – Veeze
Lyricist(s) – Veeze

Get Lucki Lyrics

Yeah that’s stro (Big stro n!gga)
Yeah yeah

We don’t do content shh
Run it up times ten shh (Yeah)
I’m four pockets filled pshh
That b!tch got bad lip fillers (You know that)
Scuffs all on my brand new ricks I’m tryna make ’em feel vintage
I’m with bro in oakland city these n!ggas scared of real trenches (Come on now)
Yeah he gang but he ain’t ganger I wouldn’t split my pill with him (I wouldn’t split my pill with him)
These n!ggas dumb they’ll steal the steak we was tryna make a meal with ’em (Tryna make a meal with ’em)
If I call you twin your opps my opps I promise I’m gon spin with you (Swear to god)
I hit that b!tch her bestie too I fu*ked up they whole friendship (Fu*ked up they whole friendship)
I’m throwing fours and pouring fours you know I can’t be fu*ked with
I hit the club through the special door you ain’t even know it opened (Ah)
I went flat broke so many times couldn’t tell ’cause I ain’t show it (Nah)
I’m such a fu*king rockstar man it’s rips in all my clothing

The gang that’s tatted on me responsible for your dead homie
These n!ggas good at internet thugging think they would tell on me (Think these n!ggas might snitch)
I’m sitting first class with dope in my bag they saying I smell funny
I’m killing the game it’s all on camera I need me a bail bondsman
Cbf dot w my young n!ggas shaking something (My young n!ggas shaking some’)
10k that’s play money I’ll buy your baby something (We the biggest in the world n!gga)
Buy pints we drank junkies ’bout to pour me an eight or something
I spread so many blue hundreds look like I’m neighborhood chucking
Shit I’ll be back in the morning n!gga just tell me how much you wanted (Just tell me how much you want)
You know these bags is strong you break you buy you bust it open (You want that what?)
Think I need to hang up posters with a reward my swag was stolen (Yeah)
He wanted a split of good I pulled up and served him half oprah
Stuff twenty thou’ in skinny pants I call that a harriet tubman (Frrt beep)
My b!tches be mad when I hit that ho no cap ’cause she ain’t nothing
I’m popping my shit like baby ’cause this outfit thirty-six hundred (I’m popping my shit like baby money)
I fall in the club with like so many killers the b!tches be scared to touch me (Ha)

Give me some head get lucky

Give me some head get lucky (B!tch)
Give me some head get lucky
B!tch give me some head get lucky
Give me some head get lucky
Yeah give me some head get lucky
Give me some—

Hold on yeah
I want your friend you bugging
Girl I know y’all do s*x for money (Yeah)
No lie this shit feel like a movie scene I’m fu*king her sweaty and muggy (Huh huh huh huh huh)
I get off them drügs forget who I am I’m thinking I’m justin timber’ (I’m thinking I’m justin timber’)
I take like a zip out of all of his bags that n!gga wasn’t paying attention (That n!gga wasn’t paying attention)
I making these charts for the city (Yeah) I’m really the hardest n!gga (I swear to god)
On drügs like my auntie beverly I’ma pour up some syrup with my grammy
These n!ggas so broke they crashing (They know) I’m getting too hot man fan me (They know)
This brick same color big latto but I’ll rip it out the plastic (Woo)

Give me some head get lucky (Yeah)
B!tch give me some head get lucky
Ho yeah give me some head get lucky
Pssh give me some head get lucky
B!tch give me some head get lucky
Give me some head get lucky (The biggest)

C-b-f dot w (The only the finest)
Young n!ggas shaking something (The ganger number one ski gang)
Gang gang gang
One of the biggest foes on earth though know what I’m saying? 4pf cbf dot w can’t be fu*ked with man
This shit for— this shit five life
This shit for life though you know what I’m saying?
Don’t get this shit confused man
Don’t get none of the humbleness confused man
Gang gang

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