Top 9 Scariest Documentaries To Watch On Netflix Right Now

MH370-The Plane That Disappeared: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 goes missing from the radar shortly after takeoff and early suspicion falls on the pilot.

The Hunt for Veerappan: The story of Veerappan, a dreadful smuggler whose violent rule provoked a 20-vear chase in south India.

Cropsey: Five children went missing in their hometown, sparking an urban legend that two filmmakers are looking into.

The Nightmare: Sleep paralysis, a disorder in which a person is unable to move, speak, or react, affects eight people.

The Keepers: This documentary series investigates the death of Sister Catherine Cesnik and its alleged connection to a priest who was accused of abusing children.

I am a Killer: This true-crime documentary revolves around killers who tell their stories of how they ended up there.

The Ripper: In the late 1970s, British police struggled to identify the serial killer who was known to the world as the Yorkshire Ripper.

Crime Scenes: This documentary is set in New York and New Jersey, featuring the vanishing of college students and tourist Elisa Lam.

Our Father: A young woman embarks on a journey in search of her siblings that turn into an unending nightmare.