The Rock vs Roman race will be fought. This wrestler jumped in the middle, gave the challenge.

A big twist has come to the fore ahead of the fight between WWE legend Roman Reus and The Rock.

Before confronting Roman Race, The Rock is challenged by another wrestler, Grayson Waller.

In fact, there has been a discussion among the fans for many days that there can be a fight between Roman Race and The Rock.

Fans have been waiting for this dream match since last many years1, but till now it has not happened.

Grayson Waller was trying to get the attention of Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson The Rock in several ways.

He has been referring to The Rock for popularity in interviews, productions and wwe shows for the past several days.

Only after this, The Rock is expected to return to WWE once again, The Rock is very busy in Hollywood and is a famous actor.