‘Barbie’ Surpasses ‘The Dark Knight’ as Warner Bros.’ Highest-Grossing Domestic Release in History

Greta Gerwig's dream satire "Barbie" has crossed $537.5 million at the homegrown film industry,

surpassing Christopher Nolan's 2008 hero epic "The Dull Knight" ($536 million) as the most noteworthy netting homegrown delivery in Warner Brothers. history

"Barbie" will outperform General's enlivened "The Super Mario Brothers. Film" ($574 million) as the greatest homegrown arrival of 2023. 

Going on like this, "Barbie," which just hit $1.2 billion internationally,

additionally has a dose of overshadowing "Mario" ($1.35 billion) as the most elevated netting overall arrival of the year.

It's been a wild run for "Barbie," which has stayed the No. 1 film for four successive ends of the week.

Following 17 days in theaters, it turned into the quickest Warner Brothers. film (and eighth in the studio's 100-year history) to join the $1 billion club.

It could ultimately dominate 2011's "Harry Potter and the Creepy Blesses: Section 2" ($1.34 billion) as the studio's most elevated earning overall arrival ever.