Psilocybin Lyrics by Peezy, BabyTron is latest English song voiced by them, its music is given by Royal House, RohXO, ProdHydro. Brand new lyrics of Psilocybin song is written by Peezy, BabyTron.

Psilocybin Song Detail
Song – Psilocybin
Singer(s) – Peezy, BabyTron
Musician(s) – Royal House, RohXO, ProdHydro
Lyricist(s) – Peezy, BabyTron

Psilocybin Lyrics

Mm mm mm mm
Mm mm uh

Floating off the psilocybin bouncing ’round like super mario
Go to war wit’ the militia you gon’ have to get yo’ army cloned
Flying in from michigan could tell ’cause I got cartis on
Turn the celebration to a tragedy do parties wrong
Closet look like narnia designer that shit color-coded
Hustle for three hunnid nights I bet I spend the summer loaded
Brodie came in sparking pictures had to strike a pose for logan
Simbaa right behind him twenty coffee cups he pouring potions
I done overdid it on the geeking need a lower dosage
How you balling? boy that shit nonprofit you just focus hoping
Going through the motions up and down just catch me rollercoasting
Would’ve thought I drove over a skunk ’cause what I’m rolling potent
Pop-up shop in houston next day catch me at the show in oakland
Cranking off an addy my b!tch whining tryna blow my focus
Said you need some yeah from what’s-his-name just hit the sto’ he posted

Boy you bogus I don’t even switch lanes when I’m going bowling
(Boy you bogus I don’t even switch lanes when I’m going bowling)
(Boy you bogus I don’t even switch lanes when I’m going bowling)

Pop an addy b!tch I’m finna take you on a rollercoaster
Shit ain’t changed I’m the same one who used to roll on troester
You might not see me at the trap knock on the door it’s open
For thirty days we finna bang out the whole october
Pull up and go this ain’t no hang out we rolling
Pull down the street and hit the lights say what you want I bring it over
I know some shit that blow it up got boulders bigger than yo’ shoulder
I’m really done serving I’m just selling weight I’m getting older
They ain’t let me in the door I kicked it open
Every time you see me out I’m fresh as hell my pockets bulging
I ain’t buying no mo’ jewelry I got chains and plenty rollies
I’m finna start buying buildings kicking n!ggas out who owe me

Pick that b!tch up out the dealership and drive it like it’s stolen
I done been through most the realest shit but I ain’t never folded
Anywhere I go I win I’m like lebron they say I’m g.o.a.t.ed
I’ve been getting this shit so long I made an m and ain’t even notice
B!tch can’t fit up in my schedule I made her leave a notice
Made her sign an nda no taking pictures ho you bogus
I’m the man around this b!tch no they ain’t come to see you otis
Bro been locked up for so long I had to look him up on otis


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